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Photog, Visual Artist/Geek, Media Tech-head. Always obsessed with rapid evolving technology and photography. Day to day, working in the Digital Cinema and Film Post Production industry. Amazed how photography and printing has evolved over the last 25+ years.

As a frequent world traveler and wanderer, you can see the most recent trip video posted below. I truly believe that everyone absolutely needs to see new places and cultures, to understand how amazing this world can be and learn compassion for others. It's also good to be out of your comfort zone often to figure out your little niche in the world.

All photos on this site are available for prints, if you see something on Instagram, FB, or my blog, and it's not currently on this main site, let me know and I'll throw it on here for you to grab! Also available for any types of commissions, based on availability and travel schedule. 

This site has evolved quite a bit over the years, starting out originally as a photoblog (named Images Burnside) way back in 1997, I deeply thank you for the support over the years if you've stuck around!

I also do all camera work and post production for my wife's YouTube channel - go follow her! (Nikoletta Nagy LLamb)  

Latest Travel Video

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